General shareholders' meetings Support services for general shareholders' meetings

Our specialized staff will provide the support that you need at all stages, from planning, video production and equipment procurement, through to operations and management.

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Using our specialized know-how, we can prepare plans for you that your shareholders will welcome.

  • Venue proposals
  • Venue zoning
  • Exhibit / fixture design
  • Signage design
  • Emergency response plans

Creation (video production)

We can prepare suggestions for videos and produce ones that match your corporate colors.

  • Business report videos
  • Videos screened prior to the meeting opening

Operation (procurement and operation of equipment)

We can suggest materials and equipment that suit the meeting venue, and can send experienced event directors and equipment operators to provide support for your general shareholders' meeting.

  • Video and audio equipment
  • Communications and broadcasting equipment
  • Equipment to assist the meeting Chairman
  • Event management and equipment operation
  • Signage packages to guide meeting attendees


We can manage your meeting to ensure that special consideration is given to your shareholders.

  • Management support
  • Management manuals
  • Deployment and management of event production staff

Video Distribution Service for Hybrid Virtual General Shareholders' Meetings

The staff at PRONEXUS, well-versed in managing general shareholders' meetings, will support you from meeting management through to video distribution.
For the streaming service, we work with J-Stream Inc., a highly reliable delivery system provider.

■Main services and functions

  • Video distribution in conjunction with projected slides
  • Shareholder certification
  • Ability to accept questions from shareholders

PRONEXUS's strengths

An industry-leading track record
Our record of visualizing the business reports of some 200 companies a year and managing the general shareholders' meetings of around 100 companies demonstrates our reliability to our clients.
A specialist in disclosure and IR support
We use our specialized skills that we have built up over the years in the support of the services we offer.
One-stop service (we have it all)
Ask us to take on all stages, from convocation notices to the general shareholders' meeting itself, and we will ensure the accuracy of information and the speed of progress at every step of the way.
Total support from our expert staff
Our highly specialized staff will provide you with the support that you need, right up to the meeting itself.