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PRONEXUS uses a range of media and events to provide services to help you to get your message out to individual investors and enhance your communications with them.

A Radio Nikkei program sponsored by PRONEXUS

PRONEXUS presents The Asazai morning market report (only available in Japanese) Every Wednesday, from 8:40 to 9:00 a.m

Mr. Tetsuo Inoue, a former fund manager and strategist, is currently the representative director and chief analyst of Spring Capital Co., Ltd. He is the main personality in the popular investment information and investment relations program Asazai. Each week, the program invites a company president or an IR manager to appear in the corporate IR section of the show, where Mr. Inoue talks about the key points of their company from his perspective. PRONEXUS sponsors Asazai to help invigorate the Japanese securities market and make connections between public companies and individual investors.

IR event seminar for individual investors

Corporate IR support event co-hosted by Radio Nikkei (only available in Japanese) IR event seminar for individual investors

Seminars held in major cities all over Japan.
The seminars draw mostly from individual investors in the audiences of Radio Nikkei programs that are broadcast throughout Japan. They are large-scale events that typically attract 200 to 400 individual investors to each venue.。

Following the seminar, the presentations delivered by the participating companies are broadcast on Radio Nikkei programs. The programs are archived on the website and individual investors can access them at any time.

Asazai Seminar, co-sponsored with Radio Nikkei (only available in Japanese) Spin-off event from the Asazai program

The Asazai Seminar Open link in new window

Just like in the radio program, Mr. Inoue analyzes the market and companies in the seminar. He also talks about the market outlook, drawing from his expertise as a strategist. The Asazai Seminar is attractive to both the companies who participate and to individual investors. Some 80 to 100 individual investors attend the seminars that are held at the PRONEXUS head office.

A sales agent for TSE IR Festa and Nikkei IR Investment Fair

PRONEXUS is a sales agent for these events those are large one for individual investors in Japan. Not only do we accept applications to exhibits, we also set up booths and produce IR tools for distribution to help support preparation for the fair.

Planning of original events

We arrange various events to support clients who are addressing the increasing diversity of investor needs. We hold explanatory meetings for individual investors in the regional centers, and we organize and hold factory tours and produce one-off plans for clients.

Nikkei electronic version IR Forum to reach out to individual investors

A membership-based IR service for listed companies

The coming together of a company and investors begins with the raising of the investors' interest in the company. Links to electronic versions of Nikkei programs effectively reach out to potential investors and raise their interest in investment.

TV program segment for investors:"Stobo IR!" (only available in Japanese)

"Stobo IR!" is a corporate IR segment within the Internet TV program Tokyo Market Wide produced by Stock Voice TV.
In a combination of live and on-demand broadcasting, the CEOs of listed companies talk about the strengths and future prospects of their companies.
On the day a company lists its shares on the Tokyo or Osaka Stock Exchanges, its top executive appears on "Stobo IR!"

PRONEXUS is a "Stock Voice!" agent.


Questionnaire surveys of the awareness of individual investors

Even in investor relations, marketing involving questionnaires is a standard practice.
We run before-and-after questionnaire surveys of individual investors to measure the effects of IR activities.

Through online surveys that are sent out with IR tools such as business reports for shareholdesr, we survey some 20,000 individual investors who are registered as monitors.
We can send our questionnaire surveys to individual investors who are both experienced investors and who have a high level of interest in investment.