Training support solutions Seminars for directors and corporate auditors

Seminar objectives

For all directors and corporate auditors looking towards the Age of the Corporate Governance Code

Directors and corporate auditors bear special responsibilities including a duty of care. Not only must they manage the company so that it posts good results, but they also have to constantly keep an eye on compliance and need to have a thorough knowledge of a range of laws, regulations and business procedures.
The Corporate Governance Code has recently been applied to listed companies in Japan. The Code calls for proactive governance to increase corporate value, and makes suggestions for the approaches to be taken by directors, Boards of Directors, corporate auditors and Boards of Corporate Auditors. One aspect is the training of directors and corporate auditors. These executives need to make efforts to acquire the necessary knowledge and update their learning.

PRONEXUS recognizes this need, and offers a series of high-quality seminars that cover not only the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and regulations relating to auditing, but also a wide range of themes that include internal control, IR, labor regulations, finance and taxation