Automatic updating and construction support services for IR websites

E-IR is an automatic website updating service designed to run your IR website safely. It eliminates web-posting errors associated with the uploading of earnings report and quarterly reports and it speedily and automatically updates your IR website.

Please talk to PRONEXUS about the issues that you have with the management of your IR website.

  • "I can't leave my PC on the days we make timely disclosures."
  • "When the person in charge is absent, we can't update our timely disclosure PDF."
  • "The updates on our IR website are always late. And they take a lot of effort."
  • "We want to have a more adequate IR website, but we don't have the human resources to make it happen."
  • "We want to win an award for in the IR site rankings, but we just don't know how we should do it."

E-IR tackles those kinds of needs and headaches.