Training support solutions

Social changes in recent years including globalization are like a giant wave that is forcing corporate management to transform itself. Many businesspeople are endeavoring to meet this challenge and are gathering information so that they can best respond as quickly as possible.
Since holding its first seminar about disclosure in 1988, PRONEXUS has organized seminars featuring speakers who are specialists in up-to-date information relating to disclosure, including the legal system and rule revision, to support our clients' disclosure. We have now expanded the scope of our training services beyond disclosure to include administration and management practices in a range of fields. We offer seminars at introductory, intermediate and professional grades that take into account the skill level of the audience and their position in the company. We hold almost a thousand of these seminars a year, reaching an audience of some 30,000 people. Many client corporations use these practical PRONEXUS seminars as a solution to their training needs.

These seminars to up-skill businesspeople cover accounting and finance, general affairs, legal affairs, corporate planning, IR, sales and other topics.

The origin of PRONEXUS seminars first held in 1988. Courses for company workers using textbooks. Includes companies planning IPOs.

A practical skill-enhancing course for people who prepare or are in charge of managing securities reports

These offer practical knowledge including corporate governance codes that directors and corporate auditors need to know.

This is a service in which we hold our practical seminars via the Internet.

PRONEXUS coordinators will visit you to help you plan and carry out a training course that meets your needs.

Many listed companies as well as companies who are planning IPOs are members of this Group. Members gain seminar privileges and practical information services.

We offer the latest legal information and examples of disclosure to help staff in charge of corporate disclosure, investor relations or IPOs.