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A guide to in-house training

Is your company training employees who can make practical use of their knowledge or talk about their knowledge in their own words? If you use PRONEXUS's practical training programs, then you can.

Professionals are in charge of the lecturers in our in-house training services. These specialists, who include lawyers in various fields, certified public accountants, tax accountants and consultants, have a wealth of experience. Our programs include exercises and group discussions, and enable active in-house training with all the associated advantages.

The merits of in-house training

  • Our in-house training services can be customized to suit individual issues.
  • The programs use your company's own data and materials to make them more practical and effective.
  • We can talk to you about the parameters of the training program, including the course duration, training times and venues.

Following our discussions with you, one of our in-house training coordinators will support you in each step along the way, from the proposal of specific customization to the execution of the actual training program.