PRONEXUS's four functions

PRONEXUS is a specialist in the support of corporate disclosure. We offer four support functions to enable clients to prepare their disclosure documentation accurately, appropriately, and efficiently.

Introducing our four functions that support the disclosure of listed companies

The relationship between the functions PRONEXUS offers and the disclosure process of a listed company

Introducing our four functions that support the disclosure of listed companies

Consulting support

Our staff have the knowledge and experience to support you in the preparation of your disclosure documentation. They include certified public accountants, professionals who have worked in stock exchanges and securities transfer agencies, and people with experience with listed companies in the areas of disclosure and shareholders' general meetings.

We provide clients with information about disclosure and investor relations. We gather this information by collecting data on the relevant laws, regulations and the rules of stock exchanges; by analyzing investors' needs; and by reviewing case studies. We then present this information to our clients via seminars, guidebooks, information websites, and face-to-face meetings.
We check the disclosure documents and IR materials that our clients have prepared, and offer them advice, based on our knowledge of disclosure and investor relations.

Training seminars
We hold over a 1,000 of these a year
Approx. 30,000 participants.
We have around 80 disclosure and IR consultants who check clients' draft documents and offer practical advice.
We issue some 85,000 copies of procedures and guidebooks in 38 categories related to disclosure (FY2017).
Our PRONEXUS SUPPORT website provides information to members.

System support

Securities reports and other disclosure documents of listed companies are required to be submitted as electronic files that comply with strict regulations. A specialized system is essential for the preparation of these documents. Since the start of disclosure of documents in electronic form in 2001, PRONEXUS has taken the industry lead in developing and introducing its disclosure support system. We support the preparation of accurate and effective documentation.

Security support

Information prior to its disclosure contains a lot of insider information and other confidential data. In disclosure support, it is absolutely essential that the confidentiality of this information be maintained.

PRONEXUS has robust security infrastructure in place. We built our own data center that we operate to provide a level of security equal to those of banks and other financial institutions. We also segregate confidential information, operate under strict rules of information management, and train our staff continually in information security.

Maintaining the confidentiality of client data in our highly secure information management system

Security support

Client support

We field a range of questions from our clients during the process of disclosure document preparation. We operate a dedicated call center as part of the system we have developed at PRONEXUS to handle queries from clients regarding document preparation and system operation speedily and accurately, to ensure that the client's disclosure will be completed within the required time frame.

We provide thorough support to our clients in both aspects of administrative practice and quality control.

Client support