IR solutions IR consulting and seminars

"We've just gone public but we don't know what sort of investor relations activities we should be carrying out!"
"We are worried that we are not communicating the attractiveness of our company to new investors!"
Our experienced consultants will see things for your perspective and work with you to come up with ways to solve issues like these.
PRONEXUS will arrange the right consultant to deal with each one of your individual issues.

IR strategy planning

Our IR consultants look at things from the perspectives of investors and the market, and analyze your corporate IR activities and tools. Based on their findings, they will make suggestions to you about more effective IR activities.
They will provide comprehensive support for your IR processes, from analysis and proposal formulation, to implementation. They will set the goals for your IR activities, suggest various services that we prepare, and combine these with services from other companies.

IR seminars

Our consultants have experience as securities analysts, corporate IR managers and other positions. They will organize various IR seminars that are in touch with the latest IR trends and the movements of the market.
After the seminar they will present their answers to your IR issues and problems.

Planning in-house study meetings

Our consultants who are in charge of IR seminars respond to the needs of each individual client and can plan original corporate training programs.

Introducing IR consultants

IR Solution Division
Senior Assistant General Manager
Naoji Ito

After graduating from the Faculty of Law, Waseda University, joined Hoya Glass (presently Hoya Corporation). Transferred to the IR department of Hoya in 1995 and became the general manager of the Hoya Group IR / PR office in 2008.
In 2013 US Institutional Investor magazine placed him first in the Precision Instruments section of their All-Japan Executive Team Best IR Professionals list.
Joined PRONEXUS Inc. in 2013 and assumed his current position in 2015.

IR Consulting Division
Group Leader
Senior Consultant
Futoshi Usui

After graduating from Keio University, joined Yasuda Asset Management Co., Ltd. (presently Meiji Yasuda Asset Management Co., Ltd.). Experienced as a sell-side and buy-side analyst at Nikko Asset Management, Credit Suisse Securities and other companies.
Current position since 2015.