Investment trust companies Website creation and operational support

In addition to printing your prospectus, sales materials and other documents, we can also create and operate your investment trust company website. This is particularly advantageous for newly established companies who require a new website. We have the consulting functions that ordinary website production companies lack—which means that we can do what needs to be done before and after fund information comes to hand. Our services go way beyond mere commissioned website production.

Service overview

In an investment trust company website, the most important content is the investment fund information. We are particularly good at handling website content that needs to be frequently updated, such as reports and daily changing net asset values. For such areas we plan and offer a content management system (CMS) that uses our own know-how and specialized knowledge to help reduce client workloads.

In addition, we offer clients our Website Operation and Maintenance Service that is tailored to their needs. This service is in tune with the characteristics of investment trust company websites that require high security and risk management. In this service we bundle together only the functions that the client needs into a single package. Such functions include our falsification detection system, operation monitoring system, and data back-up tools. We help clients run their company websites by acting as a "back office" in their website operations.

Services we provide

  • Investment trust company website construction service
  • Investment trust company website renewal
  • CMS for investment trust companies (renewal of net asset values, report uploads, etc.)
  • Investment trust company website operation and maintenance service
  • Investment trust company website maintenance service

Service features and functions

On an investment trust company website, fund information is the main content. Updating the net asset values that change daily, as well as updating the report content on the site places a significant workload on the person responsible. We can share these issues with you and work as your partner to help overcome them as we assist you with your website construction.

Dedicated CMS that can enable consistent management of frequently updated net asset values and reports

Fund information on an investment trust company website is both crucial and frequency updated. It is very hard to run your website if you have to contact the site operator every time an update is required. PRONEXUS has constructed and operated the websites of many investment trust companies and we have developed a content management system specifically for updating these kinds of sites. This system helps us to support the operation of client investment trust company websites.