IR solutions Communication tool preparation

Clients are demanding more from IR tools that play an important role in helping people to correctly understand companies. As the importance of investor relations grows, clients are reconsidering their significance and they want tools that are easy to understand and are attractive to look at.
PRONEXUS plans and prepares original tools that match each clients' needs to help the client conduct better IR activities.

Business reports for shareholders (annual reports) interim reports for shareholders and quarterly reports for shareholders

As a disclosure and IR specialist, we use our legal knowledge and experience to provide you with total support for your preparation of essential documentation (business reports for shareholders) for your investor relations.

We have the best track record in the industry and can meet a wide range of needs.
We draw on our wealth of experience that we have gained through our preparation of business reports for some 1,300 listed companies. We will offer you the optimal production plan for your specific needs.
Quality management system
We manage quality by checking the consistency of your business reports with your convocation notices for your general shareholders' meeting, by reviewing your information security system and setting up checking systems.
Support for shareholder communications
We offer the "E-kabunushi Research" web-based shareholder online questionnaire system (only available in Japanese) as one of your shareholder communication tools. For communications to individual investors, we have prepared the "Kabunushi" electronic book distribution service (only available in Japanese).

Visual convocation notices

More and more companies are aware of their dialog with their shareholders and want to prepare convocation notices that are more shareholder-friendly.
Our staff (who have some of the best experience in the industry and a wealth of experience) suggest the best form of convocation notices for shareholders' meetings for each of our clients.

  • "We want a design that is easier for individual shareholders understand."
  • "We want content that will encourage shareholders to exercise their voting rights."
  • "We want content that institutional investors will regard well."
  • "We want our notices to be in visual form, but we don't have the budget for that."

PRONEXUS can successfully meet these and other convocation notice needs.

Company profiles for individual investors

We can prepare a company profile that concisely summarizes your company, for distribution at events for individual investors.
We use our own PRONEXUS format for these profiles, and have reasonably priced production plans for you.

Fact-books, investors' guides, annual reports and other publications for institutional investors

These are becoming increasingly important. PRONEXUS can plan and produce your IR tools for institutional investors.
In collaboration with our in-house advisors and outside consultations, we can come up with proposals that take the perspectives of institutional investors into consideration.
In addition, we can translate a wide range of IR tools for the benefit of foreign institutional investors who have a strong influence on Japanese stocks.

CSR reports

The importance of reporting a company's record in corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasing. The general public is becoming much more interested in your involvement in the natural environment and in other areas. Your CSR report is one way for you to send out a message about your company to society. As a disclosure specialist, we can offer suggestions for the preparation of your CSR reports from the perspective of corporate communications that will help to build bridges between yourself and your varied stakeholder base.

Company profiles

Come and talk with us when you are thinking about your company profile details. We can put together a profile for you that will have the content and specifications to match its intended use―be it for staff recruitment, for sales, or for any number of other applications.

Integrated reports

Foreign investors and domestic institutional investors are investing more in "non-financial information," as symbolized by ESG information, i.e., information relating to the Environment, Society, and corporate Governance.
Companies are also being requested to disclose worthy information for investors who carry out long-term analysis. Given this background, more and more companies are preparing integrated reports.
We can talk to you about the kind of integrated report that you should prepare that take into account institutional investors, owners, as well as IIRC frameworks.

Other tools

We can also talk to you about other IT tools that meet your needs.