IPO support PRONEXUS's role

The PRONEXUS Group supports the success of client IPOs through its team of IPO support specialists, system services that get the best out of IT, and practical consulting.

Why do so many companies rely on PRONEXUS when they are preparing for an IPO?

1 PRONEXUS has accumulated an extensive knowledge of IPO disclosure practices and has provided generous support for over 30 years.

Since our launch of IPO support service in 1984, PRONEXUS has supported over 2,000 companies with their initial public offerings. We have a dedicated IPO support team within our Disclosure Consultation Division. The support team will directly guide you in your preparation of your stock listing application and other documentation, backed by practical knowledge that comes from years of support experience and the latest information about the listing system. This guidance will be given in a class where you will learn how to write up your application. In addition, the support team will check your draft documents and will offer advice, to provide generous supports that you need. In cooperation with our partner companies we offer a range of services to client companies seeking to launch their IPOs. Our support includes the creation of the management systems that are essential in the run-up to an IPO, as well as organization of accounting systems. We take pride in the fact that so many companies have used our support and know-how in this area.

2 PRONEXUS is a leading company in the support of IR and disclosure practices.

Out of all listed companies in Japan, 60% use our services that support the preparation of disclosure documents and IR materials. This stands as a testament, firstly to the know-how that we have accumulated over many years of work in the practice of disclosure; secondly, to the quality of the IT-based disclosure practice support systems that we have developed and now provide to clients; and thirdly, to the high level of trust that our clients have in our information security systems.

Corporate disclosure / Securities reports Orders received 2,013 companies (54% share) / Convocation notices Orders received 1,942 companies (53% share) / Business reports Orders received 1,200 companies (including unlisted companies) / * (As of March 2018) / IPO disclosure (calendar year) Stock listing applications Orders received 56 companies out of a total of 90 companies (a 62% share as of December 2018)

3 PRONEXUS is also a printing company specializing in disclosure documents

We were originally founded as a company specializing in the printing of stock certificates. Through this process we developed the accuracy, information security and punctual deliveries that we are known for. These three qualities are essential in disclosure in today's world.
On this foundation we have erected two main pillars to support clients in their preparation of disclosure data and contents. These pillars are: firstly, the know-how of our disclosure consultants who are familiar with disclosure regulations; and secondly, our advanced systems technology that can handle the requirements of advanced-IT-based information disclosure.

4 PRONEXUS has a system that will enable your disclosure process and make it more efficient.

Our system will support the steps in your process, from account settlement to disclosure. PRONEXUS WORKS is an editing system for use in the final process in the preparation of your disclosure documents. Many clients use it to prepare their securities reports for stock listing applications (Section I).
WORKS-i is a PRONEXUS WORKS' optional system. It is used mainly for financial statements to take account settlement data and work it up into disclosure data. It makes the disclosure process more efficient. These systems support your work properly and provide the infrastructure that enables accurate disclosures.

5 IPO documents must be disclosed electronically. Without the support of a specialized company, it can be very difficult for you to submit your documents.

In Japan, you must submit documents to the Financial Services Agency via the EDINET (Electronic Disclosure for Investors' NETwork) after submitting the securities registration statement. This requires a specific document format and the navigation of specialized and difficult rules. Based on the Section I documents prepared using PRONEXUS WORKS, we can support your preparation of registration statement.

6 The Internet can also play a leading role in investor relations. Our E-IR service makes the updating of your IR website more dependable and certain.

Our E-IR service speedily takes disclosure data (that you have submitted to financial instruments exchanges and to the Financial Services Agency) and places it on your IR website. This data can be displayed in the form of graphs or charts to make it easier to understand. PRONEXUS can also perform this task of updating your website for you, when you are busy during the account settlement period. We can also take on the overhaul and renewal of your corporate website. The setting up of a website is an essential part of preparation for an IPO.

7 The relationship between PRONEXUS and 3rd parties

PRONEXUS is one of the companies that you may use to help you prepare for your IPO. We assist with the preparation of documentation required for your stock listing, and we also play a role in ongoing disclosure and IR support that will continue after your listing. Other parties involved with your IPO include: a) the syndicate of securities companies (centering on the lead underwriter) who are responsible for the sale of your shares, b) the auditing company who audits your account settlement and disclosure, c) the transfer agent who manages the shareholders' registry, and d) venture capital firms who assist in your fund procurement and capital policies. PRONEXUS has very close relations with all of these other parties and uses these connections to help you when you are preparing for your IPO.