A lineup that meets client needs

Through E-IR, we offer a service to meet client needs. This can range from the partial automation of your IR website to the overall enhancement and renewal of the entire site.

Customization with functions

Through E-IR, we can automate the essential basic functions of your IR website and achieve a design that suits the current trends and makes your website easy to see and understand.

Loading the latest IR materials into "News"

News is arranged on a quarterly basis to show earnings reports, quarterly reports and financial results briefing documents. Updates are made each quarter.

News tab switching, category icons

We can make suggestions about the tab switching function that can sort based on the attributes of the news release, and the placement of category icons that visualize the categories.

Batch-downloading of documents

This prepares a Zip file to enable the batch-downloading of earnings reports, quarterly reports, financial results briefing documents and other files. Updates are made each quarter.

A full range of graphing styles

We offer a variety of graph designs, including composite graphs and pie charts.

Easy updates with CMS

We offer a Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easy for you to update contents that are renewed comparatively frequently, such as press releases and financial results briefing documents.

CMS key points
You can update documents with CMS that cannot be automatically updated. CMS can be used for updates in only the registered work.