Investment trust companies Production of sales promotion tools

By presenting branding and communication strategies and plans to clients in the creation of sales promotion tools, PRONEXUS can help you to more strongly appeal to investors.

Do you have these kinds of headaches and hopes? Tool creation / I want to come up with tools for a new fund.  / I want to outsource all the work, from the design to the printing and delivery.  / I can't come up with any good ideas for novelties. I want to create something completely new! / I want it translated into English (or Japanese). Greater work efficiency / I want some on-demand printing done for a seminar and I need it right now.  / It's really hard work to confirm the number of copies of printed materials to go to our sales agents.  / I want to outsource the work and increase efficiency. / Can you really systematize EDINET documents? Leave it to us! PRONEXUS can handle it. Take the first step: talk to one of our sales staff. It's that easy!