Account settlement disclosure support Securities report / Earnings report preparation support

We provide support for listed public companies and companies required to make continuous disclosures so that they can prepare their disclosure documentation each quarter. Our specialized staff with their knowledge of disclosure, and the dedicated systems that we have developed are the core functions of our support services.

Service summary

PRONEXUS offers four support functions to enable clients to prepare their disclosure documentation.

Consulting support
Through our seminars, guidebooks and information website, we provide clients with information about the latest regulations required for the preparation of disclosure documents. Our disclosure specialists check the disclosure documents that our clients prepare, and offer them advice.
System support
We offer our own dedicated systems (PRONEXUS WORKS* and WORKS-i) that clients can use to efficiently prepare documents that are suitable for disclosing on TDnet to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and on EDINET to the Financial Services Agency.
  • * Disclosure infrastructure that is used by 60% of listed companies in Japan.
Security support
Our Data Center (which we built and operate) boasts a level of security equivalent to that employed by financial institutions. Here we keep confidential client data prior to its disclosure, and store disclosure document data safely and securely during its preparation and after its submission.
Client support
We operate a call center exclusively for our clients that can quickly and accurately respond to questions about schedule adjustment and other aspects of progress management, as well as queries about system operation. Our sales staff provide a high level of client support for their disclosure process.

Disclosure documentation

  • Securities reports
  • Extraordinary reports
  • Quarterly reports and semiannual reports
  • Reports on large shareholders
  • Earnings reports
  • Share buyback reports
  • Quarterly earnings reports
  • Amendment reports (Amendments to the previous year's financial reports, etc.)
  • Earnings reports in English

Strengths and features of PRONEXUS services

  • 1. We have 80 consulting staff to assist clients. These people are experts in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Companies Act, and each field of investor relations (IR).
  • 2. We supply a wealth of information. We hold seminars (1,000 per annum, involving some 30,000 people) and publish guidebooks (35 categories and 90,000 copies).
  • 3. We have our very own disclosure support system. PRONEXUS WORKS is a platform for preparing disclosure documents to industry standards, which enhances work efficiency and accuracy.
  • 4. We operate our own high-security data center. We built our own in-house dedicated center to protect confidential client data. This is linked to an external high-security data center to ensure a high level of safety.
  • 5. We have a 54% share of listed companies. Of the total of 3,594 companies listed in Japan, 1,948 of them entrust us with assisting them in the preparation of their account settlement disclosure documents (as of September 2015).
  • 6. We utilize our knowledge of disclosure and IR that we have built up in our services to our general company clients to support our disclosure and IR services for our financial institution clients. We provide support services for the preparation of annual reports and other disclosure documentation through PRONEXUS WORKS. We have staff who are specialized in the area of disclosure for financial institutions. They can give you advice and check your documents.

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