IPO support Support service overview

Providing information you need

1 IPO and IR seminars

We hold seminars, including our document-writing workshops for companies planning stock listings (a Section I or II stock listing application). We provide tips for preparing documents and will give you the knowledge and information that you will need for your listing as well as the continuous disclosure thereafter. Our training support programs cover a wide range of fields, including accounting, finance, law, labor regulations and taxation.

2 Providing practical reference materials and data input forms

We provide reference materials covering the procedures for the preparation of documents for Sections I or II. You can download a range of formats from our dedicated information website.

3 IPO and disclosure support website

PRONEXUS SUPPORT provides information directly related to IPOs that includes the information available through our IPO seminars and our procedures for the preparation of application documents. Users of this website can also obtain information about the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act as well as legal information about IR, case studies, and survey reports.

4 A forum for training and information relating to IPOs
Disclosure Practice Study Group

When you join this Group you will be able to utilize these information services on a timely basis and be able to attend forums for free or at a discount.

Disclosure & IR support / consulting

Here is an overview of our support services, not only for while you are preparing your IPO but also after your listing

1 We have a dedicated IPO help-desk within our Disclosure Consultation Division

Disclosure relating to IPOs requires the proper know-how backed by a wealth of experience. We have a dedicated IPO Team within our Disclosure Consultation Division that studies disclosure systems and standards, provides you with information, checks your draft documents and gives you advice and other detailed support that you need.

2 Introductions to consultants

At every step of the way, from the creation of the management structure to prepare for your IPO to the creation of your IPO application documents, we will introduce experienced consulting companies who can give you managerial guidance and help you with your IPO.

3 PRONEXUS WORKS platform for preparing disclosure documents

We offer systems that you can use to help you prepare your disclosure documents in electronic form that are required when you list.
PRONEXUS WORKS has the feel of Word when you use it. It is the de facto standard in disclosure support, and helps you to share information and to reduce both burden and risk in your workload. As an option, we offer WORKS-i to help make the combination of financial statement data and disclosure data more efficient and consistent.

4 IR website construction standard: E-IR

E-IR is a service that automatically updates your IR website. During busy periods, E-IR prevents information update leaks and delays. It takes disclosure data and instantly converts them into IR website content. It also has a visualization function that automatically prepares graphs and charts. E-IR will show you what it can do from your very first disclosure after your listing.

5 Total support for the creation of IR and PR content and tools

PRONEXUS offers a wide menu of IR support that you can chose from. We offer consulting for IR activities and tool production. We produce IT tools such as business reports for shareholders and IR advertisements, and we offer support for exhibiting at IR events. We also hold IR seminars and we present an IR program on Radio Nikkei.