Training support solutions Practical seminars for the preparation of disclosure documents

Staff from our Disclosure Research Team present these lectures for people in charge of the preparation of disclosure documents, using textbooks. We hold these lectures in the spring and fall of each year in over 10 locations in Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, where they are attended by 5,000 or more people in total. We also hold classes on how to fill out stock listing forms, for those companies that are planning an IPO.

Disclosure Practice Study Group membership benefits
Members can send up to two people from their company to attend the seminars free of charge.

Textbooks used

Procedures for the preparation of general shareholders' meeting convocation notices
Procedures for the preparation of stock listing applications
Procedures for the preparation of securities reports

Seminar scenes

Spring / Fall practical seminars on the Companies Act
Seminar about key points when preparing securities reports