General shareholders' meeting General shareholders' meeting documentation preparation support

Based on the knowledge that our specialized staff have in the areas of general shareholders' meetings and our own specialized systems that we have developed independently, we can assist you in the preparation of general shareholders' meeting documents including convocation notices.

Service summary

PRONEXUS offers four support functions to enable clients to prepare their general shareholders' meeting documents.

Consulting support
Through our seminars, guidebooks and information site, we provide clients with information about the latest regulations required for the preparation of disclosure documents. Our specialists in the preparation of general shareholders' meeting documents can check your drafts and give you advice.
System support
On PRONEXUS WORKS* you can look up reference materials that we have published and see examples published by other companies. By linking the content of securities reports and other documents, you can efficiently produce your convocation notice for your general shareholders' meeting.
  • * Disclosure infrastructure system that is used by 60% of public companies listed in Japan.
Security support
Our Data Center (which we built and operate) boasts a level of security equivalent to that employed by financial institutions. Here we keep confidential client data prior to its disclosure, and store disclosure document data safely and securely during its preparation and after its submission.
Client support
We operate a call center exclusively for our clients that you can use to have your questions answered. Our sales staff will understand your state of progress and will work with you closely to provide support for the preparation of documents for your general shareholders' meeting.

Documentation support

Strengths and features of PRONEXUS services

  • 1. We have 80 consulting staff to assist clients. Our specialists provide assistance with the skills they have acquired through their work in securities transfer agencies, public companies and other areas.
  • 2. We supply a wealth of information. We hold seminars (1,000 per annum, involving some 30,000 people) and publish guidebooks (35 categories and 90,000 copies).
  • 3. Since financial statements required by the Companies Act are produced using the same system used to prepare financial statements required by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, errors are prevented and efficiency is improved.
  • 4. We operate our own high-security data center. We built our own in-house dedicated center to protect confidential client data. This is linked to an external high-security data center to ensure a high level of safety.
  • 5. For the standpoint of investor relations, we can offer you document planning and design suggestions to make your documents easier to read and understand.
  • 6. We have the latest printing line that gives us the ability to meet the requirements for accuracy in legal documents as well as tight delivery constraints.
  • 7. We have a 52% share of listed companies' convocation notices. Of the total of 3,594 companies listed in Japan, 1,861 of them entrust us with assisting them in the preparation of their convocation notices (as of September 2015).
  • 8. We can prepare English versions of convocation notices. The preparation of English versions is an important issue in corporate governance and is essential for the fairness of disclosure to foreign investors. We support your English language financial documentation using our practical knowledge of convocation notices and English language financial expertise.