Financing support Disclosure documentation preparation support

Service summary

We can provide total support and information management to assist client's documentation preparation for financing.

Ironclad management of insider information
We keep the number of people involved to a minimum and operate secure areas into which only certain people are granted access. We maintain strict access logs to information and have thorough traceability.
We provide the optimal document preparation methods utilizing PRONEXUS WORKS.
We propose and offer assistance with the optimum approaches for your projects, all the way to the preparation and submission of documentation that suit your financing requirements and the EDINET system. Contents from previous securities reports that are stored on the PRONEXUS WORKS database are available.
Total support
We provide total support for documentation preparation work related to financing, including assistance with your EDINET submissions, the printing and distribution of prospectuses to syndicates, and procedures for the publication of a whole range of public notices.

Documentation support

  • Securities registration statements
  • Prospectuses
  • Shelf registration statements
  • Shelf registration supplement prospectuses
  • Tender offer statements
  • Opinion reports, etc.
  • Securities notices
  • Advertisements
  • Shelf registration supplements
  • Tender offer registration statements
  • Public notice of commencement of tender offer
  • Opinion reports, etc.