General shareholders' meetings "Smart Convocation" service

Smart Convocation is a service that extracts key contents of the Convocation Notice for Shareholders' Meetings and turns them into a smartphone-compatible website.

With the establishment of the Corporate Governance Code, it is now necessary to improve information delivery and to promote dialogues with shareholders and investors. To deliver information more effectively, it is essential to not only use paper but also digital media that is compatible with various devices on the Internet. The Smart Convocation is a convocation notice optimized for smartphones that combines IT technology with our know-how of disclosure business support (accumulated over the years), based on progress in providing electronic disclosure documents.

About basic functions

Link to voting website

Key contents in line with the convocation notice

Responsive Web design for multiple devices

A navigation function on the general shareholders' meeting venue map!

Easy-to-read text and graphs

Cooperation started so that proposal information on Smart Convocation can be viewed on the voting website

Contents of cooperation vary depending on the status of the introduction of services by the shareholder registry administrator and each company.

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