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Freedom from cumbersome work, shift to high value-added work

For listed companies and companies preparing to be listed, the preparation of disclosure documents has become cumbersome due to frequent amendments to disclosure rules, the growing shortage of experienced personnel, work style reforms, and efforts to encourage teleworking. Outsourcing services is one of the options available to efficiently prepare disclosure documents when time is short, while making up for the lack of internal resources.
Aiming to relieve you of cumbersome work to allow you to focus on high value-added work, our professional staff, who have a wealth of know-how and practical experience , provide support for the prompt and accurate preparation of disclosure documents.

Expected effects

  • Eliminate resource shortages

    Outsourcing can be used to cover the resources your company lacks.

  • Improve the quality of disclosure documents

    Reduces the number of issues raised by audit firms thereby shortening time spent on audits.

  • Reduce recruitment risks

    Reduces the risk of hiring unsuitable staff and the sudden departure of staff.

  • Optimize human resource allocation

    Outsourcing the preparation of disclosure documents helps even out workloads and allows for the reallocation of resources.

  • Organize and prepare original materials for disclosure

    Enables the accumulation of know-how and improved operational efficiency.

  • Provide hints to improve operations

    Outsourcing encourages companies to notice improvements that they may not have been able to find before.

Service Track Record

More than 120 companies have contracted us to provide services.
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Service Overview

  • 1. More than simply data entry, we provide services based on our understanding of the source materials used to prepare disclosure documents and the preparation process, that streamline and visualize the work and convey knowledge.
  • 2. Support throughout the year, from disclosure document organization and drafting to the input of data to PRONEXUS WORKS.
  • 3. Recommended for clients who want to improve the quality of disclosure documents, stabilize and streamline disclosure activities and strengthen their accounting department.
  • 4. DISCLOSURE PRO Inc., which is run by an accountant with experience working for a major auditing firm, collaborates with our Disclosure Consultation Department to provide support from professionals in their respective fields.
  • 5. In light of our clients financial results disclosure processes and basic materials, we provide support in solving problems related to disclosure, including insufficient resources, individualization, inability to secure human resources, inability to delegate and handover duties, response to IFRS disclosure and the tendency to overlook information such as revisions.

Feedback from Users

Completely different from data entry services

The accountant assigned to us acts as the controller and manages the schedule. We received advice on how to proceed with the work efficiently.
Any internal documents we submit are read and developed into disclosure documents, and drafts are checked by experts before being delivered.
Not only were we relieved of data entry work, but we were also able to improve the accuracy of the draft and increase efficiency. This service is completely different from outsourcing to a data entry operator who merely inputs data into drafts.

Immensely satisfied with the disclosure document preparation know-how provided

We learned how to organize our documents.
By using the disclosure support tools provided, we were able to give work instructions to our accounting team members smoothly.

Greatly reduced the number of issues raised by the audit firm

Since the draft was mostly complete, almost no issues were pointed out in the draft, which greatly shortened the display audit.
Our audit firm was surprised at how few corrections were needed.

More time for settlement work

Although the workload before settlement increased slightly due to the accelerated settlement process time frame, we were able to take time to make arrangements to rectify accounting operations during the quarter and year-end settlement because we were largely freed from disclosure document preparation work.

We discovered area we need to improve in our disclosure process

We were aware that the disclosure document preparation process was becoming individualized, and by outsourcing the process following the preparation of disclosure documents, we realized that the problem lied in our settlement system prior to the preparation of disclosure documents, such as the preparation of basic disclosure materials.

An epoch-making service

When thinking about the process from audit completion to the submission of the annual securities report, the process is the same for disclosure document deliverables. I think this is an epoch-making service that has triggered business improvements such as the visualization of the settlement process.

Responded to our tight year-end settlement schedule

After using the service for a quarter, we were worried about whether outsourcing would be possible given our tight year-end settlement schedule, but as it turned out, there was no problem at all.

Support during first year of IFRS

Preparing the notes for the first year of IFRS, including communication with the audit firm, took more man-hours than expected, and could not have been completed without using this outsourcing service.

Satisfactory quality at a reasonable price

To be honest, we felt that the service was expensive at first, but considering the reduction in workload and man-hours, the price was reasonable and we are very satisfied with it.

Outsourcing services provided by PRONEXUS are not limited to simply management department subcontracting, they also organize the work and visualize the process of creating disclosure documents so that this know-how is passed on to clients. We are confident that this will enable them to move away from the individualization of operations, improve operational efficiency and concentrate on high-value-added operations.

Track record


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