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As many Japanese companies globalize, the Japanese government is attempting to improve corporate governance by encouraging corporate disclosure in English to induce investment funds to flow into Japan from abroad.
The movement for companies to provide clearer information to investors is gathering pace. We have entered a new stage for Japanese companies in terms of their responsibility to explain themselves and to disclose information to audiences overseas.

We are using our position as a company that specializes in supporting disclosure to provide clients with optimal disclosure solutions in English, ranging from English disclosure documentation to English IR materials that are based on analysts' reports and the "IR Best Practice Guidelines".

Service lineup

English language corporate disclosure

  • Earnings reports

  • Convocation notices for general shareholders' meeting

  • Securities reports

  • Other documents: financial statements, corporate governance reports

English language IR

  • Financial results briefing documentation

  • Other: IR websites, corporate websites

  • Fact books

  • Other: Annual reports, integrated reports, corporate governance guidelines

Other English language IR tools

  • Company profiles, operations manuals, compilations of regulations, etc.
Our track record (as of March 2018) Net sales of English IR tools [2014/3 : Approx. 500 million] →[2018/3 : Approx. 1,000 million] No. of convocation notices for general shareholders' meeting in English 35% (420 companies per annum)* * The number of listed companies who produce their convocation notices of their general shareholders' meetings in English is 1,187 (PRONEXUS estimate made in March 2018)

Service features

Specialization (Legal) We offer the optimal legal advice, based on the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other disclosure rules.
(IR) Our suggestions are based on the "IR Best Practice Guidelines" and analysts' reports.
Security All stages of manuscript preparation are carried out using our dedicated ASP.NET line. All work, from translation to revision, is conducted in a highly secure environment.
Accuracy We ensure that the terms and expressions within the documents and among documents are all standardized. We carry out checks at many stages in the process, to eliminate leaks and errors. Flexibility We use our organizational strength (our team structure) to support each stage, from planning to accurate and flexible delivery.

Our service structure

Zaihon, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pronexus. Zaihon has expertise in English-language finance, accounting and investor relations, and is highly regarded by its customers. The company provides translation services for wide range of documents including notices of ordinary general meetings of shareholders, securities reports, finance-related documents, investor relations tools, annual reports, meeting minutes and company regulations.

Zaihon, Inc. Translation and preparation of information disclosure documents a2media corporation Has a wealth of experience in the preparation of IR tools