Training support solutions Disclosure training programs

Program objectives and overview

These programs systematically cover the accounting practices for disclosure in general (from an introductory to a professional level) including the accounting process.
As a result of amendments to the accounting standards in response to convergence with the IFRS, the preparation of disclosure documents is becoming more complex and sophisticated in recent years. This trend is making the training of staff who have the necessary bookkeeping and accounting theoretical knowledge and who are familiar with the preparation of disclosure documents an urgent task for any company.
PRONEXUS understands this reality and has developed a training support system. This system includes a series of seminars to help people gain practical knowledge of disclosure; the supply of official textbooks and workbooks; and comprehension tests and examinations to check peoples' learning level.
Training in this system, from a beginner to an advanced level, helps employees to learn effectively, from the basics through to actual practice in the area of financial results disclosure, centering on the preparation of securities reports.

For clients requiring an introductory or beginner level

Step1 Seminar

Practical seminar on accounting for disclosure (Introductory level)

Understand it in a day
Practical aspects of preparing the "State of accounting" section of a securities report
-1 Foreword -12 Tax effect accounting
-2 Preparing consolidated financial statements -13 Business combinations
-3 Preparation of accounting policies, etc. -14 Asset retirement obligations
-4 Notes on the going concern -15 Rental property and other real estate
-5 Notes to consolidated financial statements -16 Segment information etc.
-6 Lease transactions -17 Information on related parties
-7 Financial instruments -18 Per share information
-8 Securities -19 Significant subsequent events
-9 Derivative trading -20 (Consolidated) supplementary data
-10 Retirement benefits -21 Summaries
-11 Stock options, etc.

Pre-intermediate to intermediate/advanced levels are for people involved in the preparation of disclosure documents at a professional level.

Step2 Seminar

Practical seminar on accounting for disclosure

Scheduled program of 7 weeks. Held twice a week, with each seminar of 2 to 4 hours' duration.

Lecture 1 Notes on consolidated financial statements
Lecture 2 Securities
Lecture 3 Retirement benefit accounting
Lecture 4 Tax effect accounting
Lecture 5 Per share information
Lecture 6 Impairment accounting
Lecture 7 Lease transactions, rental property and other real estate
Lecture 8 Stock options
Lecture 9 Segment information and related parties
Lecture 10 Derivatives
Lecture 11 Asset retirement obligations
Lecture 12 Business combinations, significant subsequent events
Lecture 13 Financial instruments