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PRONEXUS offers a wide range of support, from the preparation of documents for corporate financial results briefings, to the holding and management of these meetings. We are particularly well-suited to assist those companies who are preparing IPOs. We can consult with you on your equity story development, give you advice on how to handle questions at investor meetings, and help you with other details.

Total support for financial results briefings

Our services center on support for the preparation of documents for financial results briefings and advice related to these events. We recommend our services to companies who have just listed their shares publicly and companies who will shortly begin preparing their financial results briefing.

Service schedule (example)
  • * We offer suggestions for specific services and schedules that will address your issues and meet your needs.

Financial results briefing—tutoring services

Our consulting team, many of whom are former securities company analysts, will check through the financial results briefing documents that you have prepared and will give you feedback regarding strengths and weaknesses.
They will suggest specific ways that you can improve the structure and content of your financial results briefing documents.

Financial results briefing—document preparation services

We can assist you in the actual preparation of your financial results briefing documents, to match your schedule and other needs. We can handle a range of corporate needs, from the updating of document design, to helping out when human resource shortcomings.

Financial results briefing—client mobilization services

We have a list of some 3,500 institutional investors and analysts that we can utilize in the preparation of mailing lists and call center activities to notify people of your financial results briefing. This all helps to take the pressure off your managers during your busy account settlement period and help increase the number of participants at your briefing.
Not only will we help you to mobilize clients, we can also arrange the meeting venue and prepare the invitations. PRONEXUS can support all aspects of the organization of your financial results briefing.

Optional services—video recording and distribution * Only offered bundled with our client mobilization services

On-screen commentary 1.Briefing documentation 2.Video 3.Document PDFs

We offer filming and broadcasting services for your briefing.

  • * These client mobilization and broadcasting services are conducted by PRONEXUS associate companies. Please talk to us for further details.