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PRONEXUS offers a range of services that use all kinds of media and events to help you to enhance your communication with individual investors and heighten the impact of your messages on them.

Anniversary event preparation

We support your corporate commemorative events though our suggestions for PR measures and other services such as the production of company history books and brochures to celebrate milestones in your corporate history, to enhance the level of your communications with your stakeholders. In collaboration with the advertising company Hakuhodo Inc., we offer our Commemorative Event Package Service with a wide range of support, from the production of novelty items to the staging of large-scale events.

Shareholder incentives

Shareholder incentives are one of the ways that over 1,000 listed companies make returns to their shareholders.
There are many reasons for shareholder incentives. These include the desire to increase the number of shareholders and to get them to become supporters of your company by using your products.
At PRONEXUS we can prepare novelty items for use as shareholder incentives, and we can offer some ideas for incentives to promote the long-term holding of your shares.