Management strategies Management challenges

Amid substantial fluctuations in the regulatory environment, the Company will expand its business domain and augment competitiveness, profitability and customer satisfaction.

  • a. Reinforcement and expansion of core businesses that meet changes in the disclosure regulations such as digitization of convocation notices of shareholder meetings
  • b. Expansion of the business support domain through enhanced system support and BPO services
  • c. Construction of new service systems that meet diversification and expansion of the financial instruments market
  • d. Reinforcement of IR support services contributing to the enhancement of dialogue with investors in response to Japan's Corporate Governance Code
  • e. Strengthening of English disclosure and IR service systems that meet the growth of foreign investors and the globalization of capital markets.
  • f. Strengthening of planning and production systems that capitalize on the advancement of digital operations.
  • g. Maximization and market expansion of group company synergies in database business
  • h. Construction of support service systems for Japanese companies in the Asian market.
  • i. Preparation of sales support system and back office in response to domain expansion
  • j. Further increases in internal productivity and enhanced profitability through the stable operation of printing equipment