PRONEXUS by the numbers

96% 96% of PRONEXUS' clients are repeaters.
This indicates the percentage of clients that continue to place subsequent orders in future fiscal years after placing an order with PRONEXUS for one of its core products, either a securities report or convocation notice for shareholders' meetings. (Data as of the fiscal year ended March 2018)
One factor for this extremely high rate of repeat business can be attributed to the unique support services PRONEXUS provides for its clients' essential and ongoing legal disclosure documents. Another factor can be found in the strong marks PRONEXUS has received from its clients for the advanced level of expertise, accuracy and compliance found in its services. This figure is proof positive that our clients recognize the benefits of improved business efficiency through the use of our disclosure document production systems.
In addition, PRONEXUS has developed a secure information security system that appropriately stores and processes confidential information received from clients.
In this sense, PRONEXUS' ability to provide person-to-person support through its consulting services, as well as its development of an integrated service structure that includes the latest systems and security infrastructure, both serve as key strengths in attracting repeat business from clients.
60% PRONEXUS receives regular orders for its products from 60% of Japan's listed companies.
Convocation notices for shareholders' meetings required under the Companies Act and securities reports required under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act represent PRONEXUS' two core regular products. These products also contribute a steady revenue stream, since they are less susceptible to changes in securities and IPO market conditions. PRONEXUS is committed to solidifying its client base, increasing the number of its client accounts by boosting the percentage of repeat clients for these core products.
Moving forward, PRONEXUS will continue to retain a top share in the market—evidence of its clients' trust—by evolving and expanding its client support services, including consulting, systems and security, as a company focused on providing assistance to the disclosure needs of its clients.
54% PRONEXUS retains a 54% share of the market for assisting listed companies in Japan to prepare their securities reports. (As of March 2018)
Securities reports required under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act are a core product in the account settlement-related business of PRONEXUS. In Japan, securities reports were required to be disclosed on a consolidated basis and in an electronic format (EDINET) after 2000. In 2008, laws were amended to require the use of XBRL for financial statements, and the new EDINET system was launched, instituting quarterly disclosures. In 2013, the launch of the next-generation EDINET system resulted in a rise in the number of documents and reporting items that required the use of XBRL. To respond to these changes in electronic disclosure systems, we developed EDITS, a disclosure document production system, followed by PRONEXUS WORKS, which was fully compliant with the new EDINET system. We also developed and launched an upgraded version as PRONEXUS WORKS 2, which is fully compliant with the next-generation EDINET system.
Today, most of our account settlement-related product clients use PRONEXUS WORKS 2 to compile and edit their securities reports that are submitted to the Financial Services Agency through EDINET.
80Staff PRONEXUS employs a staff of 80 highly experienced and deeply knowledgeable professionals specialized in the preparation of disclosure documents.
PRONEXUS' consulting services are executed by a staff of 80 professionals who gather and provide information, perform legal checks of disclosure documents and hold close dialogue with clients. Our consulting services broadly span multiple segments including shareholders' meetings under the Companies Act, account settlement disclosures, IPO, finance, investment trust and J-REITs under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act as well as the field of investor relations.
In addition, persons in charge of disclosure activities at client companies face a variety of challenges whenever disclosure-related laws, regulations, standards and rules are revised or newly established. Our consulting staff leverage daily information collection and research activities to provide clients with easy-to-understand updates on the latest legal systems whenever a revision is instituted. By responding to client needs in a timely manner, our consulting staff help clients resolve any disclosure-related challenges they may face.
30,000People Each year some 30,000 people attend miscellaneous training seminars hosted by PRONEXUS.
PRONEXUS has hosted miscellaneous training seminars that help clients prepare disclosure documents since the 1970s as part of its consulting services. Since it hosted its first non-disclosure-related working-level training seminar in fiscal 2007 PRONEXUS has worked to strengthen its seminar business segment. PRONEXUS hosted more than 1,000 seminars, which attracted some 30,000 people from its client companies in one year.
Simple working-level seminars on the preparation of disclosure documents have been expanded to cover business segments. Concurrently, we have expanded programs on finance and accounting, IFRS, legal, labor and tax affairs, as well as English-language IR documents, to respond to the diverse needs of those in charge of accounting and general affairs at our client companies.
85,000Copies PRONEXUS prints about 85,000 copies of guidebooks each year.
PRONEXUS consulting services include the publishing of guidebooks which are just as important as performing legal checks and miscellaneous training seminars found under the same segment. Our clients can use guidebooks written and edited by PRONEXUS consultants to more deeply understand and acquire detailed facts. We have been providing guidebooks, including manuals and case study collections, since the 1970s. Guidebooks have been positioned as a core pillar of our consulting business; one that we continually seek to enhance.