Disclosure support services and PRONEXUS WORKS

Utilizing our disclosure support system PRONEXUS WORKS, we provide total support services to our clients for each process, beginning with the creation and submitting of disclosure document data based on account settlement data.
Simply put, "disclosure" refers to activities that inform accurately and pertinently to investors the contents of a company's account settlement data and corporate activities. The following explains the work PRONEXUS performs based on the example of primary disclosure documents.

  • 1. PRONEXUS provides client staff in charge of accounting and general affairs with the latest information relating to legal systems and standards through seminars, guidebooks and other media.
  • 2. The client inputs and edits the necessary information and data in PRONEXUS WORKS.
  • 3. PRONEXUS consultants check and provide advice from an expert's point of view on source data provided by the client.
  • 4. Clients then disclose the completed data to the Financial Services Agency and stock exchanges.
  • 5. PRONEXUS makes proofs, prints and delivers documents to shareholders.
  • 6. We also utilize the completed data for investor relations through PRONEXUS' system services.
Activities supporting the preparation of disclosure documents
Activities supporting the preparation of disclosure documents

PRONEXUS WORKS is a proprietary, XBRL-compliant* editing system developed for clients to prepare and submit disclosure documents electronically to the Financial Services Agency and stock exchanges. PRONEXUS supports the disclosure activities of its clients by utilizing this system as well as providing legal checks and information services provided by expert staff under an information security system featuring a 24-hour surveillance system, and in the process helps streamline and enhance the precision of client disclosure processes.

WORKS-i, an optional system of PRONEXUS WORKS, makes it possible for financial data that conventionally required additional processing for rearrangement and inputting into files to be integrated into PRONEXUS WORKS, which then automatically updates the data in disclosure documents. This helps prevent mistakes in disclosure operations and further enhances workflow efficiency.

In addition, we have used our experience from PRONEXUS WORKS to develop and launch a new system service for financial instrument management companies called PRONEXUS FUND DOCUMENT SYSTEM (FDS), which supports financial instrument disclosure operations.