Main products and services

Listed company disclosure

Main clients: listed companies (general affairs and accounting departments)

General shareholders' meetings

Convocation notices for shareholders' meeting
Printing services for notices of resolutions and dividend receipts, etc.

Disclosure support systems

Disclosure document editing system
Disclosure and accounting information generating system

Account settlement

  • Earnings reports
  • Securities reports
  • Quarterly reports

IPOs and financing

  • Stock listing applications
  • Prospectuses
  • Securities registration statements

Listed company IR

Main clients: listed companies (departments in charge of IR)

Business reports

Company brochures and other corporate PR tools

English-language IR tools

Corporate website construction and updating services

IR website automatic updating and construction support services

General shareholders' meeting support (visuals, etc.)

IR consulting

  • IR strategy planning
  • Individual investor briefing support

Practical training seminars

Electronic public notice and advertising support

Financial instrument disclosure

Main clients: domestic investment trust management companies / listed J-REIT corporations / foreign investment trust management companies / overseas corporations

Disclosure documents and tools for investment trusts, J-REITs, foreign bonds, etc.

Prospectuses, securities registration statements, asset management reports

Website content

Sales materials, etc.

Disclosure support system for investment trust management firms

J-REIT support systems


Main clients: universities, research institutions / financial institutions / ordinary corporations

Corporate information databases (eol, eolAsiaOne, eol Kigyo Navi, etc.)