Electronic disclosure: to the age of system solutions

PRONEXUS had been active in fully digital desk-top publishing (DTP) since the 1990s with its own DTP production line and intranet. We welcomed the arrival of Window95 in 1995 and the dawning of the Age of the Internet. In 1999 we took the lead in our industry when we began Internet-based services of confidential client data within a high-security environment. In 2001 we built our own high-security data center designed to cope with fires and powerful earthquakes as part of our infrastructure to support our safe and effective processing, communication and storage of confidential client data. We did this to meet the requirements of the Financial Services Agency's electronic disclosure system and to anticipate its effect on corporate demand for digital services.

In parallel with this infrastructure, we independently developed systems to support the preparation of disclosure documents to meet the requirements of the Financial Services Agency's electronic disclosure system (EDINET). EDINET started in 2001 and became mandatory in 2004. We took the lead in this area with our introduction of our Edits Service in 2003 to help clients prepare disclosure documents. In 2008 we met the new challenges of XBRL (a special computer language used in business reports) in the new EDINET and the introduction of a quarterly reporting system.. We refined our Edits Service and developed it into our PRONEXUS WORKS disclosure support system for clients.

In 2010 we developed and unveiled WORKS-i, an optional system of PRONEXUS WORKS, designed to be a disclosure and accounting information generating system. In 2013 we brought out an improved version of PRONEXUS WORKS designed to meet the upgraded new EDINET system. We enhanced the functions of PRONEXUS WORKS in response to reporting system revisions and continued its development. Over half of all companies listed in Japan use PRONEXUS WORKS as their disclosure platform to ensure the accuracy and efficient disclosure of their disclosure documents. PRONEXUS WORKS functions as a form of disclosure infrastructure.

We are expanding our database business and adding to our suite of services used to build and update IR websites, in response to the ever-greater use of the Internet as a platform for financial and IR information.

The steps leading up to electronic disclosure

From 1995
The dawn of the Age of Windows and the Internet
From 1996
Following the financial market Big Bang in Japan, the capital markets expand and the reform of accounting and disclosure systems continues
1999 Highly secure ASPNET line installed for confidential client data communications.
From 2001
EDINET (electronic disclosure) introduced. Use becomes mandatory from 2004
From 2001 Infrastructure and systems put in place to cope with electronic disclosure and advancements in IT

High-security data processing center built

2001 Financial database company eol, Inc. established (merged and absorbed in 2010)

Expanding business areas centered in the system solutions

2003 Start of Edits Service, a system to support the preparation of electronic disclosure documents
2003 E-IR investor relations website construction and updating service developed
2005 KeeProve Master electronic public notification support system developed
2007 Zaihon, Inc., established to assist clients in the preparation of English-language disclosure documents (became a wholly owned subsidiary in 2013)
2008 XBRL-supporting disclosure support platform PRONEXUS WORKS developed
2009 WORKS-i disclosure and accounting information generating system released
2010 Takeshi Ueno appointed as President and Representative Director of PRONEXUS
2011 Fund Document System (FDS) disclosure operations support system for investment trust management firms developed
2013 We acquire the corporate information database business of Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
2013 We acquire a shareholding in Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd. (to become an affiliate of the company under the Equity Method of accounting) to enhance our website business
2013 Disclosure support system New PRONEXUS WORKS unveiled in response to the Next-generation of EDINET
2014 Establishes PRONEXUS Taiwan in order to provide BPO Business and rental office business for Japanese companies
2015 DISCLOSURE PRO, Inc. established as a joint venture to provide disclosure and BPO services
Business alliance with Business Brain Showa-Ota, Inc. Capital tie-up in December
2016 Launches "Smart Convocation Notice Service" prior to digitization of convocation notices for shareholders' meetings
2017 Launches full-fledged WORKS-Core as a new service for improving disclosure operation processes
2018 Establishes PRONEXUS TAIWAN's second business center in Taipei
Acquires shares of I-N Information Systems, Ltd., a company providing macroeconomic database services (making it a subsidiary)
2019 In order to strengthen web production systems, acquires shares of Rainbow Japan Inc. (making it a subsidiary)
Establishes PRONEXUS Vietnam Co., Ltd. in order to provide BPO business and rental office business for Japanese companies