PRONEXUS's strengths

PRONEXUS's strengths can be summarized according to the following five areas.

1. Client base and high market share
PRONEXUS receives regular orders from about 60% of Japan's listed companies. We have secured a 54% share of the securities report market and a 53% share of the convocation notice for general shareholders' meeting market (as of March 31, 2018).
2. Stock business
By assisting at the time of their IPO, PRONEXUS is able to receive ongoing orders from most clients for a variety of services and products required for share listings. We have maintained more than 60% share of this market in terms of assisting clients with their IPO. As a result, our business model is like a stock business in which assets, or in this case orders, grow with each passing year.
3. A high rate of repeat business
PRONEXUS's services have received high praise from our clients, and we have achieved an over 96% rate of repeat business for both securities reports and convocation notices (as of March 31, 2018).
4. Advanced expertise
The two core elements of PRONEXUS's services are our consulting services and systems development capabilities. Our consulting services feature experts with working-level experience in disclosure activities that help support clients' information needs by providing the latest information and leveraging their long-standing expertise in the field. The breadth of these human resources is truly unique to PRONEXUS and is unheard of in any other business sector. Our systems development capabilities are an essential advantage for supporting the accuracy and efficiency of client disclosure activities. Our proprietary systems that command the latest IT technologies and advanced expertise work behind the scenes to support our clients' disclosure activities.
5. Information security
Another unique feature of PRONEXUS is that we handle insider information as well as other important, confidential data. For this reason, we have established ironclad systems that prevent the leakage and divulgence of confidential information. In addition to ISMS certification, we have built and operate infrastructure for the storage and processing of data that can withstand earthquakes of up to 7 on Japan's seismic scale and offer company-wide compliance and information security training programs. We stand committed to approaches that earn the highest level of trust from our clients.